Poll: We Want More Government

The latest New York Times/CBS poll shows that a growing percentage of responders to surveys want more governmental interference, I mean control, over our health care system.  You see only 895 people answered this survey, so could they really speak for the 280 million in this country?  I guess they can.  According to the poll, 85% say there should fundamental changes to the health care system and 72% would like to see the federal government administer such a change.

Let me remind you what they already do with our tax dollars: of the thousands of agencies in the federal government, just Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security make up about $1 trillion of the budget.  That’s about a third of Obama’s budget, and analysts keep telling us that these programs are in the red and cannot maintain there current path.

So how is the President and his team going to offer coverage to the whole country without bankrupting us all?  I don’t know and neither does the President.  I find it disingenuous for him to say that government health insurance can reduce costs and increase efficiency while not cutting any services, accepting any pre-existing conditions, and covering the 47 million uninsured.  

(You can read Obama’s own words here.  The Republicans have an alternative plan, but don’t know how they are going to pay for it either.)

Getting back to the NYT/CBS poll, the respondents may want more government in their health care, but they also want government in their wallet, with 57% saying they are willing to pay higher taxes.  I think this signals a dramatic shift in the spirit and ethic of this American society.  The “old-fashion” idea of working hard and paying for what you get, combined with a freedom to live your own life in both success and failure, is gone or least fading rapidly from the American landscape.  What has replaced it is the notion of entitlement and fairness.  “I want what I want when I want it and no one should have more than me!”  

Wasn’t it my coach who said “life isn’t fair”?  It’s a game of winners and losers.  And the only way to eliminate the possibility of losing is to also give no chance of winning.  Can you imagine the uproar if the NFL decided that all future Super Bowls will have no score?  It’s enough to just watch the game and enjoy how two teams move the ball without the hinderance of an unfair goal line.  How boring and how ridiculous!

It’s time to wake up and follow what’s going on, whether the issue is TARP funding, auto bailouts, or health coverage.  Because the most telling statistic from the NYT/CBS poll had to do with those who are informed about the issues.  Kevin Sack and Marjorie Connelly of The New York Times state, “It is not clear how fully the public understands the complexities of the government plan proposal, and the poll results indicate that those who said they were following the debate were somewhat less supportive.”

Read.  Learn.  Know.  That way no matter what direction this country goes, you know the truth of how we got there.

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